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... teve no, books yes please

Some people are telling me that their life without TV is different. Usually they move in a new flat, or house, and don't bother to take their old TV with them. It's wonderful if one can afford buying new home equipment, when moving into a new home, hence - new. Then they spend some time without TV, and when it comes to buying a new one they realize they don't miss it that much. Instead they start to fancy all that time of quiet whit their minds off anything extroverted, set only on their thoughts, problems and solving them. A renewed amour is in the air, and it has nothing to do with masturbation, in a way.They decide not to buy a new TV.
This sounds so cool that I envy them so much, that when I am moving into my new apartment, there is no way I am taking my TV with me, but of course I will take my filled bookshelf, and I will install some more of them shelves, and I will fill them too, oh double yes I will.

- Seriously, with TV there is more loss than gain, you must give credit to that fact. Damage is much bigger when children are concerned. According to Manfred Spitzer, that German researcher of human brain who has five kids and no teve, TV does a great deal of damage to a child. For the brain of a child build structures out of experience. But a little kid can't really connect all those audio-video things on the screen with the real world. So he develop kind of fuzzy brain structures. There is no way back. Everybody is a child only once, his brain structures are developed only once. One quote from Super Size Me put this nicely: "If you look at the menu at a fast-food restaurant, they use all of the addicting components. They'll take a slab of meat, cover it with cheese, of course, which is filled with the casomorphins, the opiates that are found in the cheese protein and then they serve it with a sugary soda, which has the addictive powers of sugar with plenty of added caffeine. Now, you might be a 12-year-old kid. Your brain is no match for that combination.
- All this reminds me of Roald Dahl the novelist, most famous for his children stories, BFG and Matilda for example. I adore him because he is smart funny, full of morbidity and creativity. All of these is coupled with illustrations by Quentin Blake into irresistible books, - I know that, for I bought many.
Here are his thoughts on TV : books as they appear as the last poem in The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Komentarji: 2

Blogger Nadezhda:

I watch TV very rarely. I go to the cinema for films (because I have commercials, especially the ones during the film) and usually forget to watch an interesting documentary on TV.

I could live without a TV and never miss it. I don't understand how people can watch TV many hours per day and find it amusing and entertaining. But surely that stems from the fac that I much prefer books.

25/2/06 13:05  
Blogger Bo:

Interesting. I would say (also observing myself and similar people) that you just like to work (you fool! ;), which includes studying, reading, and training. Work makes you calm. You can find inner peace while working, so you don't need TV or any such distraction. Time is just too important to you. This is attractive, no one can deny that!

27/2/06 16:20  

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