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Tudi knjižno

Knjigo bi!? (Bilo: Helluo librorum?)

Zdaj je življenje takšno, kakor je. -- Janez Menart

Knjigo bi! je blog o knjigah. Sprva se je imenoval Helluo librorum in je bil pretežno angleški (glej spodaj). Sedaj bo bolj slovenski. Poleg tega ga ne soustvarjata več Lilit in Bo skupaj, temveč samo Bo. Drugo je enako.

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Spisal prej, aprila 2006:

It is a book blog, where Lilit had started, August 2005, to leave her thoughts on books read. Some 4 months afterwards Bo joined her, and now they ramble together, differently and happily.
At least Bo's opinion is such that if a book is English then the post must be in English too, and likewise for other languages: currently only Slovene.

The blog title, Helluo librorum, is Latin for a bookworm: a devourer of books. Lillit is one helluva big bookworm! It shouldn't go so far as calling Bo a bookwoorm too, but he loves books still.

The title image is an aquarelle from Calvin & Hobbes, Bo's favorite comic. It is an association on more levels: Bo is not Calvin nor does he have a pet buddy like Hobbes, and Calvin would never run home to books: Oh Hobbes ol' buddy, the suspension is killing me, I just can't wait till I get home to all those books of mine!; however, Calvin's passions for some other things are as hot as Bo's lust is for books, and Bo for example sometimes fancies he is a bit like Calvin, and he would like to have somebody like Hobbes by his side.

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