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... discover bookcrossing.com (II)

Long time ago - on March 14, 2006 - to be exact, I wrote about BookCrossing - a cool book exchanging system - in post ... discover bookcrossing.com. There I complained about becoming disappointed by the Slovene bookcrossing inactivity, for nearly nobody wants to bookcross. Abroad this is an entirely different story. Latter Nadezhda commented that coupling two book lovers is not a good idea. First I thought that comment was meaningless. But then I realized that I wouldn't mind coupling with an apple lover.

Anyhow, now I am back with this bookcrossing business, and I am so back and hot that if you couldn't pay your electricity and gas bills, so that they cut you and your kitchen off, come to me and I will cook your dinner with my heat.

Below is a snapshot of my BookCrossing bookshelf.

You are most welcome to pay a visit, even more to start bookcrossing with me. There are currently only some titles left on my bookshelf though, but give me some time, and in the meantime check out our other great bookcrossers' bookshelves, namely those of ajdica and WhiteDwarfStar. Also could-be the greatest, Kana, may wake up from her sulking sleep some day and start bookcrossing for real, who knows.

Lately I added two journal entries:
- First about Garifeld's 28th book, Life in the Fat Lane. This was a whole new comics to me. Quite enjoyable. Its first bookcrosser was vexter from Reka-Ljubljana.
- And then about equally enjoyable but also educational cartoonish guide to physics (!), titled The Cartoon Guide to Physics. Mind that this entry is in Slovene, and that it is me, BoLe, who is its first bookcrosser. - Would you like to be the next one?

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Anonymous Anonimni:

Živjo Borut!
Lepo, da nisi obupal nad Bookcrossingom. Ko se ti bo naslednjič pisalo o BCu, bi lahko pokomentiral strani, ki jih je BC navdihnil: RABCK.com, bookrelay.com, bcwish.cliff1976.net ... Bookcrossing je tako prerasel prvotne okvirje, da je svojevrsten fenomen že zaradi tega. Samo predlog.

24/8/06 00:24  
Anonymous Anonimni:

Konačno neko sa "ovih" prostora ko je aktivan BCer. Sasvim sam slučajno naleteo na tvoj profil i eto me u tvom blog-u . Prosto nisam mogao da se suzdržim (je li to OK?)
Moj nick na BC-u je zzz i eto ... u stvari ni sam ne znam šta bih napisao (sve je na profilu).
Vidimo se na BookCrossing-u.
(nadam se da razumeš šta pišem, ne znam zašto ali je nekako uvek vama Slovencima lakše da razumete srpski nego nama slovenački)
Veliki pozdrav iz Srbije!
Milan (alias zzz)

24/8/06 01:59  

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